Whistling gnomes – are they serious?

This is so bad it’s gotta be a spoof! I do hope so…

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Bus Garden!

Isn’t this brilliant? You gotta love anyone’s efforts to get greenery into unusual places!

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Fame at last…

Well wouldn’t you know it – six months without a squeak then two posts in one day! 

Life’s like that sometimes. I just came across a fab article on us which appeared recently in The Wharf newspaper – which covers the Canary Wharf area of London. When I saw it I was amazed – a WHOLE PAGE on Gardeninthecity.com! It featured some lovely pics of some balconies in the Isle of Dogs and Battersea which we were rather proud of…

You can read a digital copy of the article by clicking on the link below – it’s on P16.



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The most fun you can have in 3 square metres…

So Spring has sprung, and I’ve realised I’ve not blogged in AGES during the long cold winter. Well, with the welcome return of the warm weather there’s plenty to talk about. We’ve revamped the GardenintheCity.com website to make it simpler to use, and with some lovely new pics to show off our planters, alongside some great home and warden accessories which were loaned to us by the fab Maxine from Max&Melia – a new chic shop round the corner from me in Kennington, South London. 

We’ve kicked off the season with some great balcony installations, too – from Tottenham to Holland Park people seem to be loving our rapid-transformation of their balconies and terraces. We reckon it’s the most fun you can have (with your clothes on) in 3 square metres!

We’d love you to join us on Twitter –  search for gardeninthcit2 and we’re also on Facebook as Gardeninthecity. Hope to see you there! 

More updates soon….



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Live online at last!

What a week! Tuesday saw the end of a marathon few months of product development, test garden installations, photoshoots and web development we have finally launched GardenintheCity.com!

It’s been rather a hectic week to be honest – manically getting everything together for the big online launch, then lots of phone calls and emails to journalists to interest them in writing about us. It worked, too – because today London’s biggest commuter newspaper, the Metro, did half a page on us, with some great pictures, too!

All that, plus a film company was shooting a zombie film outside our premises, so we kept running into bloodies marauding groaning extras all day. They were all very nice though, and took a real liking to our plants in between takes!


Anyway, it’s a weekend of leafleting at some of London’s busiest destinations, including the Frieze art fair – look out for the GardenintheCity.com team if you’re going!

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Thank God for pressure washers and emulsion

Well, what a fortnight it’s been. When we took on the old Sarson’s pickling factory (or a portion of it at least) as the base for gardeninthecity.com, we knew it would take quite a lot of TLC to get it into a fit state for ourselves and our plants, containers, and assorted hardware. After quarter of a century of disuse, our corner of the old factory needed a LOT of work. Our toilets had last been used a couple of years ago by a film company who wanted a location for a scene in a crack den. I kid you not. You can imagine the state it was in. The main warehouse area was similarly telling a tale of neglect – acres of flaking paint, water coming in through cracked panes, floors strewn with layers of lord knows what. It all had to go before we could start basing ourselves there. It’s not just us being sensitive little souls, you see. Plants are just as prone to the vagaries of an undesirable environment as humans – so whilst the public will never see our warehouse-cum-planting/assembly centre, it’s vital for all concerned that it’s clean, hygienic and bright.

So, I’ve really discovered what it means to move from a desk job to a more hands on occupation. And how. In fact, the last fortnight I have been aching incessantly from the sheer physical effort of scraping, scrubbing, painting and lifting. But it’s been as satisfying as it has been challenging. I’ve discovered a new friend too – the sainted Pressure Washer. Wow those things are good. They blast years worth of dirt and detritus away in a second – and you just stand there and wield the nozzle like some sort of cleaning Jedi, triumphing over the forces of filth. Mind you, quite a bit of it ends up dripping back onto you, and I did get quite a few askance looks from smartly turned out office workers (of which I was one only a few short weeks ago) as I walked back home. But the end is in sight – gallons of white emulsion and cheery green wood paint later, and it’s transformed. Today I set up my desk and shelves in a corner of the warehouse and took my first two deliveries of materials for the forthcoming photo shoots which will show off our container garden designs on the website.

Finally it really feels like it’s becoming a reality!




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We have a new home!

Great news – today we struck a great deal to get gardeninthecity.com its first home! It’s in an old disused factory, which is currently dormant before being converted into apartments. But, for the next year, part of it is gonna be where we can store our materials, build our customers’ gardens and have a well deserved cuppa. Currently, it’s what estate agents might describe as having ‘raw charm’ ie it’s a neglected industrial carcass. In fact, it was recently used by a film company – who used the frankly frightening state of the toilets as the location of a crack den! OMG – it’s going to take rubber gloves, steam cleaning, bleach and whitewash before we can start actually working in there, but at least it’s a low cost home! Watch this space for pics of our progress….

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